Individual1 Hour£48
Individual45 minutes£38
SkyTrak1 Hour£58
Junior45 Minutes£30

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Coaching Packages


Pre book 5 x 60 min lessons and get a FREE 90 min playing lesson - Cost £240.


Pre book 5 x 45 min lessons and get a FREE 60 min playing lesson - Cost £190.


Pre book 3 x 60 min lessons and get a FREE 30 min short game lesson - Cost £145.

The above coaching packages are the complete golfing solution to help improve your all round game. The coaching team will have quality time to work on your full swing and more importantly fine tune all aspects of the short game.

This program is designed to lower your handicap and increase your enjoyment of the game.

bays teach

Course management playing lessons - including playing lesson

  • 6 holes one to one - £56.00
  • 6 holes pairs playing lesson - £70.00

Contact the coaching team of Malcolm Scott, Terry Gosden and Chris Geary for further details


Short game package

  • 60 min pitching lesson - 100 yards and in - £48.00
  • 60 min putting lesson - £48.00
  • 60 min chip and run lesson - £48.00

Pre book all 3 lessons and get a FREE 60 min bunker lesson.


Full Swing Sessions