PING Downton Waterproof Jacket

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Waterproof protection is a blessing during winter golf. Unlike some rain jackets, this design doesn’t restrict your swing, making it even better!

Ultimate shielding from the elements, keeping you dry and warm, means you can simply enjoy your round of golf. After all, golf shouldn't just be for the summer.

Key features and benefits:

  • SensorDry waterproof protection even in heavy downpour
  • Highly-breathable to prevent you feeling stuffy or overheated
  • Stretch fabric allows a free range of motion in your golf swing
  • Wind-proof shielding from blustery weather
  • Fully seam-sealed construction for added protection
  • Lightweight material doesn't weight you down

With this jacket you can enjoy your golf even in the winter months. So, why not reserve yours in the Pro Shop by clicking below?

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